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About our products

Bath Bomb cover

None of our bath products are tested on animals. They contain no animal fats. There are no detergents or other chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Whether you need a luxurious long bath after a hard day, a head turning fragrance for a hot date, or a daily way to rejuvenate your body, we have something to meet your needs.

Do yourself and our world a big favor and start using real soap

Aromatherapy Candle

Our soy candles are 100% pure soy wax; no petrol hybrids. Soy wax burns cleaner, and longer, than the petroleum based paraffin wax. It also holds onto essential oils better than paraffin wax does, making a well made soy candle more fragrant. Not only that, but soy wax is 100% biodegradable, and 100% renewable- making it a better choice for the environment as well as your nose :)

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