Aroma Soy Candles

8 Tin Candle8 Once Soy Candles – $8.00

Whether you want something floral like the Lavender Mint or something more on the citrus side like the Lime Basil, you’re bound to find a scent you like when looking through these aromatic candles.

And if that’s not enough we are always coming out with new, exciting fragrances!

In addition to having a variety of wonderful scents, these candles are made with 100% soy wax, which burns longer and cleaner than other waxes do.

Layered Candles

Layered Candles – $21.00

As the wick burns through down the jar and reaches the different colors of wax, the candle releases a new fragrance to fill the room. These candles burn for a whopping 50 hours and come in a variety of scents from the very sweet French Vanilla to the crisp and clean Champagne.


Bowl of SoyBowl of Soy – $25.00

Want a candle that smells great, burns for a long time, and comes in an creative container? Look no further. These soy based candles come in an oversized tea cup (the same cups we serve our tea in, in fact) and currently comes in two fragrances, Gardenia and White Tea & Ginger.

Humorously enough, we started making these because we ordered way too many of our tea cups when we opened and decided to make use of the extras. Since then, more and more people thought it made great décor and we’ve kept them on our shelves.

Asorted Tealights

Assorted Tea Lights – $1.00

Want that classic candle light but don’t know what scent to get? Try a couple of these Tea Light candles. Although a single one can’t fill a room, these smaller portions of the same scents in some of the larger candles is a great way to discover your likings.



Aromatherapy Jar – $12.00

These special soy based candles are made with a purpose in mind. From energizing Grapefruit to refocusing Rosemary, these 100% essential oil and soy wax candles are a great way to indulge yourself.



12 inch Tapers

12 inch Taper Candles – $2.00

Although not aromatic, these taper candles are great for that romantic candles light.

The core of the candle is a dripless, colorless wax. The colored outer layer is soy wax and will create that beautiful and classic drip down the side of the candle as it melts.

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